I Want to Break Free

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Disabled and really desperate to ‘break free’ from your job? Learn how you can become an “enabled” disabled entrepreneur.

Choose the “I Want to Break Free” coaching package if:

you are still in a job but would really like to start your own business

you are a disabled entrepreneur who needs some help to become an enabled entrepreneur

Step 1 – Know The Real You

  • Firstly, understand just where the ‘real you’ comes from
  • Next, learn how to create your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Find out how to build ‘resilience’. Succeed using The Life Coach Station’s own tried and tested methods
  • What it means to be an enabled entrepreneur

Step 2 – Proven strategies that actually work

  • Your First Year One Page Success Plan (VMOSP)

Step 3 – Getting things done

  • A specific action plan detailing exactly what will you do to become an enabled entrepreneur
  • How (and when) to delegate and get help from others

What you get:

  • Award winning coaching from an expert coach who specialises in coaching disabled entrepreneurs
  • Advice from Chris – who is an enabled entrepreneur. Yes; he has already broken free!
  • Online Business Emotional Quotient (EQ) Assessment
  • Detailed feedback on your EQ Assessment
  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions with Chris
  • Your own copy of the ‘One Page Business Plan’
  • A further 60-minute coaching session on business survival
  • Your own copy of the ‘One Page Survival Plan’



Here’s what people are saying:

gave me renewed confidence that I could do what I was setting out to do. I very much felt that he believed totally in me and my ability to run my business…Very inspired!

with Chris’ help I have truly realised my power to take possession of my own life and make critical decisions confidently. I am now in the process of starting up my own business. I am still benefiting from Chris’ advice after the sessions we have had…

a massive change on my life and confidence to achieve my dreams…I am now fully on course to complete my goals with excitement and confidence. I would like to thank Chris for six fantastic coaching sessions, and for keeping me on track to live my dreams.

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