Time’s Running Out

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Deep down do you know you have been AVOIDING the INEVITABLE because time’s running out for you and the future FRIGHTENS you?

Choose the “Time’s Running Out” coaching package if:

your employer wants to get rid of you because of your disability or health condition and you feel ANGRY

your employer is not yet aware that you have a disability or health condition, but you know it is only a matter of time before they realise and you are WORRIED for the future

your employer has started discussions about your future and you feel ANXIOUS and WORRIED

your boss has TOLD you that YOUR PERFORMANCE IS A CAUSE FOR CONCERN and that they are going to use the corporate Capability Policy

you have fully implemented reasonable adjustments and recommendations from an Access to Work programme, but you are STILL STRUGGLING with your work

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

I will personally help you to create a strategic career plan based on what is happening to you RIGHT NOW and what you need do take CONTROL. We can do this one-to-one over the phone, via SKYPE or (if you live in the South West of England) face-to-face – it just takes 60 minutes.

With over 20 years direct experience of doing this for hundreds of other people in your position who stayed in work; I know I can help you. When we are done, you will truly believe that every cloud really does have a silver lining.

At the end of this session three things will happen:

  • You will feel MOTIVATED to get on and do what you have to do yourself. This will include massive amounts of research, listening to well-intentioned advice, understanding who to listen to and being able to REACT to whatever your employer throws at you
  • You are no fool and you will realise that you CAN’T be expected to do all this on your own. I can provide HELP AND REASSURANCE based on my proven track record of helping others who were where you are right now
  • If for whatever reason you don’t feel that I can help MAKE THINGS BETTER, you have not lost anything – you can keep the plan and I hope you can implement it successfully.

So you now have a choice (taking control already):

  • Do everything on your own.
  • Accept that the clock is ticking and that you are running out of time.
  • Accept that you must make BIG DECISIONS that will impact upon your life and that of those around you.
  • You have only one person to blame if things don’t work out – you!


  • Do this TOGETHER with an EXPERT.
  • Know how to TAKE CONTROL in the many meetings that are on their way.
  • Be PROACTIVE and impress your employer – show them that you are an overlooked asset.
  • BUT above all, be CONFIDENT in knowing that you are working with a WINNER!

What happens next?

Caught between a rock and an even harder more scary future?

Choose this if you need ANSWERS right now and don’t have time on your side and YOU need to know HOW TO DO ALL THIS.

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